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The Global Strategy of NEXCO-West

NEXCO-West’s Knowledge and Experience to the World Highways
Global Strategy
Global Strategy of NEXCO West

NEXCO-West is ready to expand its business field overseas using its knowledge and technology obtained in Japan.
Contributing to the economic growth of developing countries through road construction and operations. Working on information exchange for the future R&D of road engineering and technology. Joining in PPP projects using its highway management experiences.


West Nippon Expressway Company Ltd. (NEXCO-West) has been founded by privatization of the former Japan Highway Public Corporation (JH). Since the establishment of JH in 1956, the company has been contributing to development of Japan’s highway network for more than half-a-century. The company also has technologies, knowledge and experience of expressway management that have been accumulated during the period of more than 50 years since the opening of the Meishin Expressway. The company now carries out inspections and maintenance based on this knowledge and technologies, ensuring customers safe and reliable expressway environment.
NEXCO-West also provides reliable road services by exchanging information between each stage from construction to operation. We believe that the technological capabilities obtained from our experience can also contribute to the road development and maintenance around the world.
While the road infrastructures constructed in the era of rapid economic growth are deteriorating every year, appropriate maintenance planning and effective use of road infrastructure are becoming more and more important. NEXCO-West will provide solutions to our customers facing these kinds of issues.

NEXCO-West’s Engineering Support Systems

NEXCO-West has a powerful engineering support system by collaborating with the Nippon Expressway Research Institute Co., Ltd, which has a great history of R&D from various results by expressway researches and engineering theoretical background.
Our local offices are strongly supported in their quality management through Regional Engineering Offices, which are responsible for quality management during construction using the past data on construction materials with different characteristics for each region.
In addition, NEXCO-West group companies has also established another support system for inspection, maintenance, design and engineering in regional areas.