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Road Construction with High Quality

NEXCO-West Provides High Quality Road Construction taking consideration of its Operation and Maintenance
Construction of Safe Roads in Various Environmental and Geographical Conditions
Our Advantage in Construction

Road Construction at Difficult Conditions
Due to Japan’s mountainous geographical conditions, our highway systems include many bridge and tunnel structures. In addition, the company is required to develop advanced technology to improve soft soil conditions or construct deep level structural foundations, in order to conquer the disadvantage of Japan’s geological conditions and soil conditions affected by volcanic activities.

Disaster-Resistant Roadway Network
Natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes are frequently threatening Japan’s infrastructures. To cope with these environmental conditions, construction of disaster resistant roadway network is required. In order to tackle such difficult conditions, NEXCO-West carries out construction projects using excellent technological capabilities and proper construction management.

Improvement of Road Durability
NEXCO-West is making efforts to reduce life-cycle costs by constructing high quality expressways with superior durability taking consideration of both economic and safety aspect.

Construction Stages
Project planning
Traffic volume estimates Feasibility Study
the Project
Project briefing
Explanations of the project outline to local authorities, related institutions and local residents
On-site surveys
Central post installation, longitudinal/cross-section survey, soil property/geological survey, survey of environmental impact, etc
Road design
Road design, tunnel design, bridge design
Public Involvement
Communicating with local residents and government in regard to road structure, compensation of local roads and water channels, environmental measures, etc
Land acquisition
Installation of land boundary post, land survey/building survey, land compensation negotiations
Calculation of the volume of construction work, cost estimates, contracting, construction management (construction process, quality, safety)
Openration and maintenance
Frequent information exchange between construction and operation stages