Driving Manners on Expressway

Driving Manners on Expressway

An important notice for a safe driving and parking

Basic Rules

No mopeds No bicycles People stay out
Motorbikes under 125cc, bicycles and pedestrians are not allowed to enter the expressway.

The expressway is designed for motorized vehicles traveling at high speeds.

Tips for Driving

The speed limit on Okinawa highways is 80 km/hr.
Observe the speed limit

It's important to pay attention to your speed. The speed limits may be lowered in cases of bad weather and road conditions.

No driving on the shoulder Cruising lane Passing lane
Stay in the left lane

On the expressway, the left lane is the driving lane, and the right lane is the passing lane.
After passing another vehicle, be sure to move back to the left lane as soon as safely possible.

Don’t veer into other lanes
Don’t drive on the lane-markings

Driving on the lane-markings could cause an accident. Watch your lane and drive properly.

The highway is a one-way street
The expressway is a one-way street

Making a U-turn, driving the wrong way and driving reverse are illegal. These actions are extremely dangerous and can be life-threatening.

Keep ample distance between vehicles
Keep plenty of distance between vehicles

To prevent risk of collision, keep plenty of distance from the front vehicle,and twice as much distance on rainy days.

Stopping on the highway can cause a collision
Stop on the shoulder during emergencies

Stopping on the expressway is prohibited, except in cases of emergencies. If you must stop due to an accident or emergency,pull over to the shoulder.
To prevent collisions, aware the oncoming vehicles and carefully move outside the guard rail.

Driving and Parking Manners

Don't suddenly change lanes

When switching lanes, make sure to check your surroundings.
Interfering other vehicles leads to a high risk of accident.
(Particularly entering or exiting the expressway and service areas)

Don’t litter

Littering on the expressway will cause an accident. Please dispose your garbage at the service area.

Parking in a wrong-sized space is unsuitable

Please park in a space that is designed to accommodate the vehicle size.

  • Mid-size vehicles in mid-size spaces.
  • Large vehicles in large spaces.

Everyone's cooperation makes the expressway a comfortable and safe place.