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Outline of the service

West Nippon Expressway Company Limited(NEXCO-West) provides a public wireless LAN service, which is called as W-NEXCO Free Wi-Fi. This service enables anyone who has accessible equipment(s) to access to wireless LAN in our Service Areas and Parking Areas (hereafter we call them as SA and PA).

The service is available at SA and PA displaying this W-NEXCO Free Wi-Fi sticker at the entrance or check the list displayed in the bottom of this web page.

W-NEXCO Free Wi-Fi

Compatible devices

Computers including laptops, smart phones, tablets and other equipments with Wi-Fi function.

Compatible devices


Free of charge

Time restrictions

You can access the service up to 15 minutes at a time and it is available up to 3 times per day.
In short, maximum accessible time is 45 minutes in a day. Even though you use it at multiple SA and PA which are under NEXCO-West's operation, the number of times will be counted.

Time restrictions

How to connect

The service can be used at a part of SA and PA, and you can find W-NEXCO Free Wi-Fi sticker for a sign of SA and PA supplying the service. (You can check available places)

How to connect

Firstly, make sure that the Wi-Fi settings on your device(s) are set to ON. If you will meet some networks, please choose a network named as "W-NEXCO_Free_Wi-Fi."

How to connect

Once you have connected to W-NEXCO Free Wi-Fi, automatically Log In screen show up or you need to open up your device's internet browser to meet the login screen.

When you catch the login screen, enter both your login ID (registered e-mail address) and the issued password, and tap the Login button.

How to connect

The processing screen will be displayed in a while before transferring to another step.

How to connect

Check in a box if you get agreed with the Terms of Use. If you do not check it, you cannot employ the service.

How to connect

Then, the screen that means your login transaction has completed will appear.After the screen shows up, you are able to use the internet under the Term of Use.

How to use

User registration

You have to register to use this service before getting started.

1) If you CANNOT receive an e-mail at SA and PA

Please complete user registration in advance by accessing below button before visiting SA and PA.

If you CANNOT receive an e-mail at SA and PA

Enter your e-mail address twice (this address will become your user ID) in the e-mail address columns.
Additionally, please check the box if you will accept the Terms of Use and click Register button.

If you CANNOT receive an e-mail at SA and PA

You will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration and it will deliver a password (6 digits numbers).

2) If you CAN receive an e-mail at SA or PA

Please open the Log In screen at first, then the entrance for English Log in page will be turned up on the above left corner. When you success to transfer to English page, push the New Registration button.

If you CAN receive an e-mail at SA or PACompatible devicesIf you CAN receive an e-mail at SA or PA

For registration, you need to insert e-mail address twice and show an attitude that you will understand the basic rule written in the Terms of Use by checking the box. Press the Register button when you complete the all.

If you CAN receive an e-mail at SA or PA

After a while, you will get an e-mail including password (6 digits numbers).

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the SSID?

Please select W-NEXCO_Free_Wi-Fi.

Are there any devices that are not compatible with this service?

You can connect to this service from any wireless LAN device (laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.) with IEEE802.11a/b/g/n compatible Wi-Fi settings. While, there are no restrictions depending on the device. We cannot guarantee performance on certain devices (mobile phones, portable game devices, etc.).

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Please click on "Forgotten your password?" on the below login screen and request a new password.

I have used this service before. Do I need to register again in order to use the service?

No, you need to register only once. If you would like to use the service again, please put your ID (registered e-mail address) and password on the login screen.

I have used this service before. What happens if I have not used it for a long time?

If you do not use your Login ID and password in 6 month, they will be automatically deleted.
Please try to register your ID again if you wish to use the service again.

Can I use the same ID and password at access points other than the places where I registered?

You can use any access point with the SSID W-NEXCO Free Wi-Fi. However, its availability is limited. Please read the Term of Use before you use the service.

It is a hassle to type in my login ID and password when I want to use the service.

You can change the settings on your browser to automatically remember your ID and password so that you do not need to type in your login ID and password from the second time.

On an Android device, you can turn this function On or Off by opening the Internet App and choosing its Settings > Privacy and Security > Remember passwords.

On an iOS device, you can set this function to On or Off by going to Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill >Saved Passwords.

For cultivating more information in order to deal with device(s), please consult the user manual for the device that you possess.