Introduction to the Japan Expressway Pass (JEP)

We stop new reservation for JEP to prevent spread of Coronavirus infection.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate for your understanding.
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Introduction to the Japan Expressway Pass(JEP)

  • We sell JEP enabling you to use expressways in JAPAN as much as you like for a fixed price.
    * Some sections of the expressway are excluded.
  • By using the ETC card provided by designated rental car companies, you can use the expressway without stopping at toll booths!
  • This pass is limited to rental cars for foreigners.
  • Make your reservations for a JEP according to your plan and rental car at a rental car booking location.
  • Eligible Individuals
    • Those with non-Japanese passports and Japanese citizens with permanent residence permits in a foreign country.
    • Must possess a driver's license that can be used in Japan.
  • Usage Start Date
    • October 13th (Fri) , 2017

Sales Price (Does not include the fees for the rental car)

Time Period Price
7-day pass 20,400yen
14-day pass 34,600yen
* Under the JEP scheme, "1 day" means 0:00-23:59.
For example if you were to use the service from 13:00 on April 1 to 13:00 on April 8, this would count as 7 days use for the car rental, but "8 days" use for the JEP.

Drivable Area

Method of Use

Make a reservation for a JEP according to your plan and rental car at a booking location.
Follow the necessary procedures at eligible business locations for designated rental car companies and pay the fees for JEP.
Rent a rental car and ETC card.
Use the expressway and enjoy sightseeing.
Return your rental car and ETC card and pay any fees for driving where JEP did not apply.

Important Information

The JEP pass cannot be used in the following cases:
  • Unsupported areas or roadways
    Note that the JEP pass cannot be used for expressways in Hokkaido, Sky Gate
    Bridge tolls (100 yen per round trip), Kanmon Tunnel, Daini Shinmei Road, Shuto
    Expressway, Hanshin Expressway, or expressways operated by the Honshu-Shikoku
    Bridge Expressway Co. or expressway public corporations.
    However, it can be used on Sanriku Expressway (Sendai–Matsushima Road), Kyoto Jukan
    Expressway, and Bantan Road, operated by expressway public corporations.
  • Periods outside the contracted time period.
Tollbooth displays will show the regular tolls, but you will not be charged as long as the JEP coverage conditions are met.
No refund can be made even if the total amount of tolls paid with the JEP pass is less than the JEP purchase price.
During the winter season always check roadway conditions before use, and rent a car with studless tires as appropriate.

Rental Car Booking Locations

Book a rental car , ETC card , and JEP from a shop offering JEP.
The details for the rental car companies are displayed below.
Company Name Handling shops/
Phone Number
Times Car RENTAL pdf times_car_rental_banner
TOYOTA Rent a Car pdf toyota_rent_a_car_banner
Nippon Rent-A-Car pdf pdf nippon_rent_a_car_banner
Budget Rent a Car pdf budget_rent_a_car_banner
Heisei Car Rentals pdf heisei_car_rentals_banner
JR Rent-A-Car(WEST) pdf Get Adobe Reader
JR East Rental & Lease pdf Get Adobe Reader
ORIX Rent-A-Car pdf pdf orix_rent_a_car_banner
Nissan Rent-A-Car pdf nissan_rent_a_car_banner